Yesterday, WWD spoke to up-and-coming Russian model Vika Falileeva about her strong showing during Spring 2012 fashion week–netting Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang–and put forth their standard set of questions about how she was discovered, etc. When they asked how she was preparing for Fall 2012, we expected the typical “yoga, pilates, eating healthy” line but instead, Vika answered:

Sleep all day and eat a lot actually, because I lost like five kilograms last time. I was superskinny. You don’t have time to eat. We have castings, shows, fittings, refits, more castings, more shows.

First of all, we imagine Vika’s at least 5’9”, so five kilograms (11 lbs.) may sound like a lot more than it is. However, on her slender frame, it’s obviously still significant.

Anyway, we don’t know if this is the model equivalent of the deeply obnoxious celebrity mom line, (“[I lost all the baby weight] chasing after my kids!”) or an honest depiction of just how grueling Fashion Week can be on the poor girls: they don’t sleep, they’re picked and prodded, criticized and dehumanized.

It was just last September that Arizona Muse scraped her knee well before the Vera Wang show and didn’t even have time to put on a Band-Aid.