Marc Jacobs - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

Just a few days after walking the runway in a crazy-cat-lady-from-the-’80s get-up for Marc Jacobs, rising pop star/model-for-the-money Sky Ferreira was arrested for drugs on the way up to the Basilica Soundscape music festival in Hudson, NY.

According to local paper The Daily Freeman, Ferreira’s boyfriend Cole Smith (who was playing a headlining slot at the fest with his band DIIV) got pulled over at a traffic stop, at which point the cops checked him and his vehicle out and found several violations related to his car including driving without a license, registration, or insurance, as well as having stolen plates and an inadequate exhaust system. They then searched the car and found 42 decks of heroin in his possession (i.e. several bundles, i.e. the unit in which rich people buy heroin), as well as ecstasy in Sky’s purse. She was charged with resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance. He was charged with a whole bunch of stuff. Oh dear. (As these charges are still pending, please insert “allegedly” after all of these statements.)

The pair made bail in time for that night’s show, which I can report firsthand was excellent despite difficult circumstances. (DIIV had to borrow other bands’ gear, as theirs had been impounded.) Naturally, Sky looked a little stressed out (I couldn’t tell how Cole looked because he hid his face under his hood the whole time), but she still fucking killed it when she got up and did a Cat Power cover, which seemed at least partly fueled by her anger and frustration over the day’s events.

I’m hardly in a position to be judgmental about drugs, but I will say you’re an idiot if you think an industry that popularized the term “heroin chic” and reveres the skinny, bleary-eyed, strung out, blown out aesthetic of the nineties in a major way right now, does not have any drug users in its midst. I mean, Sky and Cole recently modeled for Saint Laurent ads meant to evoke Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love quite specifically. That said, I think they’re both very talented and I do not wish opiate addiction on anyone, so I sincerely hope one or both of them gets the help they need to not die from it. It’s one thing to dress like tragic figures, and another entirely to end up like them.

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