There will never come a time when we’re not interested in  the beauty and fitness routines of runway models. This morning, WWD interviewed the ridiculously gorgeous Sessilee Lopez and she shared a few tips… apparently Sessilee’s routine involves all-natural masks (honey, avocado), running on the treadmill, kickboxing and really really good genes.

Here’s the excerpt:

WWD: When you travel for work, what do you make sure to pack?
Sessilee Lopez: Definitely an umbrella for London. Neosporin and loads of Band-Aids because we get some fierce blisters. I also take honey with me for when I don’t have time to run out and get it.

WWD: Honey? For what?
SL: For a mask. I just slather it on my face. It takes off the dead skin and leftover makeup. I also do an avocado-apricot-honey mask when my skin needs moisture.

WWD: Do you have any sort of pre-show season beauty preps?
SL: I more so work on my body, make sure I’m in tip-top shape. August is the time to start working out.

WWD: What’s your routine?
SL: I run like crazy on the treadmill. I go literally until I can’t run anymore, and then I work on my stomach. Sometimes I don’t feel like going downstairs to my building’s gym because, again, it’s filled with clients so I’ll do a kickboxing DVD in my apartment.

(Via WWD)