The outrageously beautiful Brit model Jourdan Dunn has been a bit of a fashion pioneer… in the most depressing way possible: in 2008, she was the first black model on the Prada runway after a decade without any. Moreover, every time she gets a major cover, a headline always seems to be reminding readers that there’s a black girl staring back at them, and isn’t that progressive?!

The problem is, even for someone as gorgeous as Dunn, it’s hard to be a top black model because there’s only a few slots for them. …What with designers casting one or two faces of color in a show with, for example, 50 looks, the competition for black models is even more intense than it is between willowy eastern european teenagers.

But once Dunn is cast, here problems have only begun:

(via her Twitter)

If you’re interested, Jezebel has a really thorough breakdown of the appalling (but maybe improving?) ratio of black to white models on the NYFW catwalk.