The world is not as awful as it could be!

Remember Cassandra Bankson, the girl who made a truly impressive YouTube video showing how she uses make-up to cover her cystic acne? Here’s that video again, just in case you missed it.


She’s now working as a professional model. According to the New York Post:

Modeling scouts at an agency in her native San Francisco were so impressed [by her video], they signed her up. She has since posed for brands including Bebe, Range Rover and the red-carpet designer Shekhar Rahate. She also became an ambassador for the cosmetics company Hourglass.

This year, she’s going to be walking the runway for the line Boy Meets Girl. She told The Post that this is a dream come true and that:

“I used to sit back and let acne ruin my life, but it got to the point where I needed to do something to get myself out of the rut….I am a different person from who I used to be because I’ve got so much more confidence now.”

Look, she’s a size 4 and 5’11, so it’s not as though the industry is changing entirely, but it’s nice to see people who aren’t traditionally, effortlessly flawless finding a place in the world of fashion. Good for you, Cassandra, for overcoming your insecurities, and good for you, beauty companies, for realizing that the best representative of your products is someone who actually uses them.


Pic via Cassandra Bankson