When Tavi and Lorde started taking acne cream selfies to share their “flaws” and realness with the world, I thought the age of the no-makeup selfie might be over. Sure, I loved Zooey Deschanel‘s no-makeup selfie, but a lot of no-makeup selfies are frankly unbelievable. (I still don’t really believe human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova really went bare-faced in hers.) But the trend is still going so strong that even supermodels are posting pictures without makeup. Fashion Gone Rogue has been rounding up pictures of models without makeup, and their photos makes one one realize that all that makeup and airbrushing that magazines do is just gilding the lilies. Models still look like models, even when they just woke up like that.

Check out these 10 models whose no-makeup selfies prove they really just wake up like this:

Joan Smalls looks as good without makeup as she does rocking a wild blue lip at the Met Gala. She even made the no makeup selfie a contest.

“#NoMakeUp #iWokeUpLikeThis Whoever takes the coolest Selfie with no makeup on and Tags Me and hashtags #NoMakeUp I’ll repost. #GoodLuck#GetCreative”


Heidi Klum with a giant tray of healthful fruits. Fruits and vegetables are supposed to be very good for one’s skin. This photo definitely makes me believe that.


Bar Refaeli looks younger in her no-makeup selfie than she does in most of her modeling pics. I want that coconut of hers more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

“Coconut is all we need,” she writes. I disagree; we also need shaved ice and dark rum. But coconut is a good place to start.


Cara Delevingne took a scrunchy-faced no-makeup bed selfie the morning of the Met Gala. With her eyebrows and eyelashes, she always looks like she’s wearing a full face of fashion makeup anyway.

models-without-makeup4 Karlie Kloss looks like she’s wearing luminizing foundation even when she’s working out.


Doutzen Kroes has the most amazing lips and eyes in her no-makeup selfie.

“So happy for the weekend and to be in bed!! It was a busy but fun week!!” she said. Also a good time to take a pretty “No Makeup Selfie.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 16.14.30

Adriana Lima is dressed like Jon Snow in hers, where she shows off her amazing face right after a workout.

“Just got home from workout. The the fight it never ends!! One Word…. STRONG!” she says.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 15.51.36

“Depressing,” says Lindsey Wixson in her selfie. Double points for the harsh shadows.


I actually thought this was Christy Turlington for a moment there, but it’s actually Emily DiDonato in the ever-popular “I just woke up” selfie.


But here is actual Christy Turlington without makeup, but with a tiny new baby.

models-without-makeup10(Photos: Instagram)