Coco Rocha dyed her hair a beautiful shade of burgundy and chopped it off into a fun, sporty pixie a la every high fashion model’s inspiration, Justin Bieber. What, you don’t take your beauty cues from the dude recently snapped coming out of a brothel?

She’s joining a host of celebs who have chopped their hair as of late: Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer AnistonRihanna, Pamela Anderson, Kristen Chenoweth. The pixie trend looks like it’s here to stay—although I doubt the rest of the recently-shorn ladies would say their haircuts were inspired by Justin Bieber, as Coco did on Instagram. She filmed herself and her stylist, Anh Co Tran, singing along to “Baby”….which I guess is his most famous song? Forgive me, but One Direction is my preferred teen pop guilty pleasure.

This isn’t the first time Coco’s chopped her hair: She did it back in August, when Allure magazine gave us the breathless live tweet. But this version is quite a bit shorter and messier, which I really dig.

Plenty of other ladies are dying their hair in bright shades, too.  Demi Lovato looks amazing with her icy blue hair and Ke$ha is doing Ke$ha with a rainbow all up on her head, so Coco’s burgundy should fit right in. Now I just really want Justin Bieber to dye his hair something crazy, like zebra-stripes or bright pink. Or frosted tips like circa 1998 Justin Timberlake

Photo: Coco Rocha’s Instagram