Coco Rocha is all for more body diversity in the modeling industry and she’s not shy about expressing her views. Hell yes! Coco talked to Page Six backstage at the Herve Leger show on Sunday, commenting:

“I don’t like that fact that we’re saying they’re ‘plus-size.’ I think models are models. Models are supposed to be a muse to you. Why is a muse always the same body type, the same look? It’s boring. It’s about time we’re mixing it up.”

Yes. Yes. Yes. I can’t agree more with her statements, although I’m interested to know what prompted them, if the Page Six reporter started talking about plus size models out of the blue or if Coco brought it up herself. She’s known for her activism within the fashion world, so I guess I wouldn’t be totally surprised if body diversity was a pet topic for her.

Coco’s been body-shamed for her thinness before, notably when she modeled for Banana Republic‘s Mad Men collection, so perhaps she feels more entitled to speak out about this kind of thing. There is a clear issue with what’s considered “plus-size” in the clothing industry, especially knowing that plenty of models who are actually wearing the “plus-size” clothes wouldn’t define themselves with that term. And, of course, the fact that the plus size models are sometimes wearing essentially what amounts to a size 6 or 8, certainly not “plus.”

So, I’m glad to see Coco talking frankly about her issue with the language used in the industry, as well as the fact that the imagery in the fashion world is “boring” and limiting. I only wish more conventional, straight-size models would follow her lead and talk to the media about the problems they see with body image within their work world. Because after all, their work world is the industry that creates the images we see in magazines and the clothes we buy in stores. We’ll never see any real change in the fashion industry if the motivation for it doesn’t come from inside.

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Photo: Getty Images