kate moss 34 champagne glassIt’s been a big year for Kate Moss, she turned 40, did a tastefully artistic Playboy spread, increased her financial worth to a whopping $92 million, and now has had a champagne glass molded from her breast. Which is obviously the next logical step for a supermodel of Moss’s caliber, and is not weird at all. So, in a sense we can now all have a taste of what it’s like to be Kate Moss, the next time we’re able to hop the pond that is.

London’s 34 Restaurant, who hosted her 40th birthday bash earlier this year, commissioned the coupe (as they’re properly called), which will be exclusive to it and its handful of sister bars and restaurants across town. Which means that unfortunately for all the Moss-ionados out there that Kate’s boob glass will not be for sale. Although I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a lot of five finger discounts occurring at 34 and friends. Hopefully they are prepared for this.

Here’s a fun fact. As bizarre as molding a drinking glass from the boobs of a famous person sounds to these ears, Moss is not the first prominent female to participate in such a thing. Legend has it that the first-even champagne glass was molded from the left breast of none other than original party queen Marie Antoinette (though there’s some doubt by historians about this being the true moment of the champagne coupe’s invention, who really cares, it’s a great story).

Kate’s and Marie Antoinette’s breasts aside, the glass is actually really pretty with it’s symmetrical, delicate Deco etchings and elegant curves. Take a closer look and you’ll see Kate’s signature on the base…

kate moss champagne glass detailMoss had this to say about the whole experience: “I was excited to participate in this project – what an honour to be alongside Marie Antoinette – she was a very intriguing and mischievous character.”

But we know what she’s really saying is this: let them drink bubbly! Out of my boobs!