[Photo: PCN]

Photo: PCN

Apparently Kate Moss is too heroin chic to make it past US customs.

Playboy was reportedly planning a party in Los Angeles to celebrate Moss’ cover of the January 2014 issue, but the event has to be moved to London due to legal issues surrounding Moss. One of the highest paid models in the world, with an estimated net worth of $70 million, is having a hard time obtaining a US work visa. Why? Because she looks like a drug addict.

A 2005 issue of Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, features a photo of Moss on its cover in which she appears to be snorting cocaine. The supermodel famously lost her contracts with both Chanel and Burberry following the tabloid’s release. According to Page Six, she’s struggled to get into the US ever since.

But hasn’t enough time passed? Plenty of respected celebrities have admitted to past drug use. Angelina Jolie, Oprah, even President Obama. Unfortunately, there’s little evidence to suggest that Moss will be getting sober anytime soon, and the US isn’t into it.

It doesn’t help that Moss is also the poster child for heroin chic. During his presidency, Bill Clinton weighed in on the look:

“Images projected in fashion photos in the last few years have made heroin addiction seem glamorous and sexy and cool. It’s not creative. It’s not beautiful. It is ugly. And this is not about art.”

I agree that drug addiction is ugly, but the real ugliness lies in how our culture handles mental illness. Instead of turning Lindsay Lohan into a punch line and mocking Whitney Houston up until her early death, shouldn’t we spend our time studying the factors that lead celebrities to addiction?

Kate Moss is almost as famous for her litany of personal issues as she is for her bone structure, but maybe if we took a second to stop glamorizing her struggles, she’d stand a chance at full recovery.