Kate Moss and The Kills’ Jamie Hince are getting married and it was only a matter of time before the British press got a hold of their wedding registry. As one of the world’s most successful models, it goes without saying that Moss wants some fancy stuff… but it’s nice to know she hasn’t completely lost touch with reality. Though she lists pricey champagne and the like, her wishes also include cheap wine, ceramic mugs and a jelly mold. Apparently the supermodel’s wedding registry looks partially like this:

  • 14 crystal ashtrays at £240
  • A 2002 Louis Roederer Cristal champagne costing £1,833 each
  • A £5,000 cutlery service
  • A £4,600 mirror
  • A a £6,600 silk rug
  • £12 bottle of Berry’s claret (cheap wine)
  • A pair of tea strainers for £12.95
  • His and hers mugs for £19.50
  • A rabbit-shaped jelly mould with a price tag of £35

Although Moss’ registry isn’t the bonanza of tacky and ridiculous that Kim Kardashian’s was, both of them have one striking item in common: really expensive crystal ashtrays. So, a question to all you smokers out there: if money were no option, would you ever want a $300+ ashtray?! Furthermore, Moss asked for 14 of these, resulting in a crystal ashtray collection worth thousands. Does this make sense to anyone?

(via The Daily Mail)