2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - RunwayIf you have ever wondered what it’s like to audition for the Victoria’s Secret show ,I’m sure the thoughts that is it scary as hell and soul poaching have crossed your mind, and you would be correct! Because not only do you have to be physically perfect, you also have to clearly illustrate this perfection in front of a huge team of casting agents and Vicky’s executives who decide whether you get to walk or not. From Vogue UK:

It’s quite common to want to be a Victoria’s Secret model – but the idea is a less inviting one when the casting process is taken into account.”It’s quite terrifying for them,” says Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, who has played creative director of the show for the last three years.

“They are provisionally cast by John Pfeiffer but the final decision is made by the whole team, sitting at this long table in a room with really harsh lighting and they have to walk towards us and away from us. They all have to do it – even the contracted girls – and it’s incredibly nerve-wracking for them.”

So yes, even someone like Gisele has to strip down to her skivvies and walk in front of the casting table.

“It’s about being show-ready,” explains Sophia. “It’s really like being an Olympian – they have to be in peak condition. It’s not about being thin or anything like that – it’s about being ready to perform and be the best you can be in that moment.”

Riiiiiight. It’s not about being thin or anything like that, which is why we have seen so many gorgeous plus-sized models walk the show and appear in the catalogue. Weight has nothing to do with it. Which, you know, VS has a certain type of fantasy they are selling and that’s fine, but it’s just so depressing to think that even women who we view as perfect may not be perfect enough to walk the runway. I’m sure preparing for this audition even makes the most gorgeous models incredibly stressed.

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