Red and green hair colors are always popular this time of year, but they aren’t our only option. There are a variety of festive hair trends to try including the glitterage hair treatment, Christmas tree hair and even mulled wine hair. The last one is perfect for people who love being a redhead, but want something that’s jolly.

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Mulled wine hair takes inspiration from the delectable drink to produce a rich burgundy hair color. It’s much darker than ginger and fire engine reds, but it’s equally pretty.

POPSUGAR reported that the rich red wine hair color is sometimes mixed with cinnamon and orange highlights for extra festive appeal. To put your own twist on the look, you could always incorporate the colors with a pretty balayage look or even an ombre hairstyle.

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To complete your festive mulled wine dye job, you can take things to the next level with bauble brows and candy cane liner.