My daily commute to and from work is a four mile walk. Aside from Pandora, I have found the playing of games essential to defeating boredom, exhaustion and cab hailing. I play the light game, in which I cross when possible and if perhaps I land in front of a liquor store, I am entitled to a bottle of red wine, Malbec preferred (this is a dangerous game to play with food). I pretend I’m characters in New York-centric movies like Carrie Bradshaw, Holly Golightly, or Kevin McCallister. But, perhaps my favorite mind game is the: what would you do if? And so, since I’ve exposed this embarrassing confession I must ask: what is the number one non-survival-related item you can (almost) not live without? That is, if you were stranded on an island or some other ridiculous circumstances that limits the possession of products.

Mine would be mascara. I just love it. It’s elegant, and feminine and the best step in my beauty routine. Also, I think eyes are so beautiful, especially when lashes are coated, elongated and darkened. (Mind you, without makeup remover this is not a logical choice, luckily this scenario is a product of my imagination.) Now, your turn! What can you proverbially not live without?