So our newest B&S’er, Tris, at Manscaping-101, has found the quickest way to get fired.    Tag me on a meme. :)   Ha!  Nah, just kidding, I don’t mind.  I am a couple of meme’s behind though, so Ill start with this one and work my way down (riiiiight). 

My Beauty Secrets (this is old news to you guys):

My Foundation: bareMinerals, baby.  I have branched back into liquid a bit, and I adore the youthful look that Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene gives me. 

My Mascara: Oy – I have a ton of mascaras that I have been using – right now my fave is Lancome’s Courbe Virtuose – gives amazing lash with no flaking or smudging, and it is easy to apply.

My Blush:  3 Custom Color Specialists cool bronzer.  Perfection.

My Eye Shadow:  Eye shadow is ALWAYS MAC.  Always.  Nothing else compares.

My Day Cream: This is one that I don’t really have a favorite for.  Right now I am using Eve Lom, and really do like it.  More about that later.

My Lipstick:  Again MAC.  Any of the cool Viva Glam shades and glosses.  Delish.  And good for the world. :)

My Beauty Product Brand:  Again, MAC.  If I only could wear one brand, this would be it.

My Essential Beauty Product:  Definitely the Clairsonic skin care brush.  I will never be without this again if I can help it.

My Favorite Makeup Product:  This is hard.  Probably mascara – just don’t make me commit to one.

My Perfume: I have to stick with my favorite classic – Calvin Klein Eternity.  It is so me.  But I love to experiment.

My Nails:  I love all OPI polishes, Chanel colors (even though the polish quality leaves something to be desired), and Nailtiques treatments.

My Feet:  Zims Crack Creme (this stuff is amazing) and good old fashioned Cetaphil cream – in the tub.  Again, truly awesome.

My Hands: Again, you can’t hardly beat the Cetaphil cream in the tub.  Good for everything that ails (drys) you.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:  Gobs of bareMinerals foundation (for sunscreen AND beauty), Paul Mitchell Hair Repair, and toothpaste.  :)

Woman I admire for their beauty:  Anyone in Hollywood brave enough to age gracefully, without making their face look like an overstuffed sofa.  Helen Mirran.  Gorgeous.

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Why is this a hard question?  Uh – Angelina Jolie.  She sure knows how to properly style her arm candy. :)

My Ultimate Dream (but I do not believe in selling my soul to the devil for it):  I already have it – An amazing hubby, amazing kids and an amazing job that I truly love doing.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Well, maybe to not have to pay taxes.  But I would have to sell my soul for that one.

How Do I Define Womanhood:  Good heavens.  Women do everything.  EVERYTHING.  So Womanhood is EVERYTHING.

My Favorite Fashion Publication:   Vogue, all the way. 

Holy samoleans – I have to torture 5 other people with this? 

Lianne, Elke, Amber, Patrice, and Pascalle

And a special happy blogiversary to Lianne at The Makeup Girl!  {{hugs}}  Heres a martini and a sake just for you, my friend! xox