My friends, I have been SO wrapped up in my own life that I have forgotten to share the incredible experience I had last week.

Which, come to think of it, is also my life.

Through the magic of TwitPic....

Anyway, my life is like a steam engine! I can’t always keep track…

Anyway, last week, I had the opportunity to visit NYC’s Rare Salon in Tribeca for a styling session with Herbal Essences celeb stylist Charles Baker Strahan.

He is a total babe. Like completely.

I had big plans that night, and the weather outside was frightful, so our goal was to create a sleek and sexy blowout that would survive the elements, and keep fresh hopefully through the weekend. All using Herbal Essences products, obviously. This excites me, too – just about everything he used is well less than the cost of a fancy coffee!

Here’s Charles’ tips for your own sleek and straight blowout at home:

1. wash and condition your hair with Hydralicious Self-Targeting Collection
2. spray Set Me Up Extra Hold Spray Gel throughout wet hair
3. smooth in a small amount of Long Term Relationship Split End Protector
4. use a hair dryer to dry your hair until damp
5. pin back a diagonal a 2 inch section of hair
6. blow dry your hair completely, repeating section by section, using a paddle brush to smooth as you go
7. expert tip: angle your hair dryer away from the roots to keep your hair smooth
8. smooth a flat iron through each section of hair
9. fight frizz with another drop of Long Term Relationship Split End Protector

Don’t you love my look? I think it has a Blondie-esque fringe to it. AND it survived the weather!