Latisse from Allergan for anyone who isn’t familiar with this fairly new product was launched only a few months ago and has made quite a splash in the beauty world. Allergan who develops products for the eyes, as well as Botox, and Juvederm, discovered that the key ingredient, Lumigan in their Glaucoma medicine was making patients lashes grow long and thick. So thick that some of these patients were even trimming their newly thick and long lashes. Imagine that!

Seeing that this was something that they could possibly sell as a product to grow lashes thus began the birth of Latisse. Since it’s big launch the reviews have been nothing short of fantastic. I have pretty good lashes but still wanted to see what would happen if I started using it and after just a few weeks I began to notice that my lashes were not only longer but new lashes were coming in as well. I also decided to put any extra from each application on a bare spot on my eyebrow and to my excitement I have actually started growing brow hair there too!


For anyone who is thinking of trying Latisse you can visit their site and get all of the information you need. Although each bottle comes with enough applicators, I suggest using a very thin eyeliner brush instead to apply to your lashes. The applicators included are course and have the potential to scratch the eye when using. These are my lashes below without any touch-ups and photographed by my son less than 2 hours ago.


My lashes after almost two months

Latisse has been FDA approved, and is the first and only prescription treatment to help with sparse lashes to make them longer and fuller. To look at this photo you can really see how well it works.


image credits:Latisse, Paolo Marchica