nail polish heaven

There are approximately 70 trillion billion ShoeDazzles and JustFabs and Town Shoes-es, but this new online specialty shop has something way better to offer: it’s a beautiful magical nail polish wonderland of joy. It’s called Nailbox and it’ll change your life.

Similar to its shoe counterparts, Nailbox is an online retailer that brings different brands together in one place, so picky shoppers can compare colors and prices and ingredients to find exactly what they’re looking for. You can sort out the vegan, cruelty-free, or fragrance-free polishes. You can choose to only view results under $10. You can even search by opacity and finish, for those instances when you specifically need a sheer metallic green or a dark glittery red. In other words, it’s heaven.

Founder Nicola Louw talked with Refinery 29 about the site’s debut, and it looks like she’s just as cool as her idea:

I’ve always loved nail polish as a fashion accessory. No matter what size you are, a great nail polish always fits.

Hell yeah, lady. As a member of that rare breed who loves fashion but doesn’t care about shoes, Nailbox is a big deal for me. Finally, the shoe-opposed have somewhere to turn when they want to waste their money on something that can’t make them feel bad about their hips.

While I’m grateful I don’t have to put on pants to shop at Nailbox, part of me wishes it were a physical location so I could throw myself on the floor and make snow angels and refuse to ever leave. Can Louw turn it into an IRL store just long enough for me to get married in it?

Via Refinery29 / Photo: Shutterstock