There are a lot of stunning nail polishes out there that mesmerize us when we apply them. We’re looking at you glitter nail polish and mirror nail lacquers. We’re used to admiring nail polishes in bottles and when they’re on our digits, but we’re missing out on another big thing: nail polish mixing. Nail polish mixing videos are popping up on the internet and they are surprisingly hypnotic.

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If you’ve become entranced by some of the paint mixing videos online, you’re going to like these nail polish ones. And if you’ve never watched any sort of products being mixed together, you’re in for a treat. There’s something weirdly soothing about watching the videos.

To create nail polish, you combine different colored pigments. If you’re creating a fancy effect, then you add in the glitter and metallic pigments before mixing everything with an immersion blender or a stick. The videos simply capture the process on film so you can see the different parts swirl together over and over.

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If you want to create your own polish mixing video, there’s no need to run out and get massive amounts of pigment and an industrial blender. If you mix a few drops from different nail polish bottles with a toothpick, it still produces a mesmerizing result. When you try it yourself, just do us a favor and post your video online, will you? We want to see as many nail polish mixing videos as possible.