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This will probably not come as a shock to any of you, but we like cats here at The Gloss. We like cats a lot. We also like nail art, in spite of our occasional flights of ambivalence toward it, so this cat nail art tutorial made our day.

The video, found by Refinery29, features a big, adorable, angry-faced cat named Pudge who looks a little bit like a calico Wilford Brimley. She has a YouTube channel and she is better at nail art than we are.

In this video, the wonderful kitty creates a complete cat-tattoo nail art look from start to finish. And while Pudge has some serious manicure skills, this look is easy enough for us to do.

Pudge starts with a light-colored opaque polish, then ads custom tattoos printed of her own face. (You could use tattoos of your own face for the ultimate hipster manicure, but tattoos of Pudge’s face are probably better.) Then a bit of top coat and it’s all done. It actually seems quite simple when she does it.

While we do not think anything will top a cat teaching us about nail art, Pudge actually has a whole craft-focused YouTube channel in which she demonstrates other projects, like making magnets and DIY cat toys.

Also, like any YouTube star worth her salt, Pudge has an Instagram account. So if you just want to watch her do cute cat things without having to feel insecure about the state of your cuticles, check her out there.