Some of our favorite things are coffee and nail polish, so when you combine them together, it usually results in something pretty special. That’s the case with the new Nails Inc Caffeine Hit Nail Polishes ($11). And unlike other coffee nail polish collections, these nail polishes aren’t simply inspired by coffee, they actually have a caffeine hit, just like the name implies.

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The Nails Inc Caffeine Hit Nail Polishes are the world’s first caffeine-infused nail polishes. Caffeine addicts should note that they don’t actually give you a caffeine hit via your nails. The caffeine in the nail polishes actually stimulates the nails to help with regeneration for stronger, healthier, less split-prone nails.

And because this is a coffee nail polish collection, all of the shades are inspired by our favorite drink. The limited-edition collection includes Chai Kiss (creamy nude), Afternoon Mocha (light brown) and Espresso Martin (dark brown). If you’re a fan of glitter, there’s also Rise & Grind (crushed rose gold).

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If caffeine-infused nail polish isn’t enough for you, Nails Inc has also the Caffeine Hit Exfoliating Coffee Scrub ($15) for smoother, flake-free skin.

Want to indulge in your coffee addiction even more? You can shop the Nails Inc. Caffeine Hit collection now on the Nails Inc website and Sephora. Just remember that the range is strictly for applying to your body and not for drinking.