?BE YOUR INC.REDIBLE SELF? INC.redible cosmetics coming soon ?

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Nails Inc has produced some very exciting products. Who could forget the spray-on nail polish or all of its amazing nail kits? The brand took things a step further by branching out into skincare with its Face Inc range. Now, it’s expanding once again with Nails Inc Founder Thea Green venturing into cosmetics with the INC.redible Cosmetics makeup line.

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The INC.redible Cosmetics range has already been teased on Instagram. In September, the brand posted a video of different lip colors and hinted in the caption that the range would be coming soon. We got more details when the brand recently posted another Instagram revealing that the new range would launch on November 2.

The brand didn’t give many details about the product launch, but Thea made it clear in interviews that the makeup range isn’t simply Nails Inc nail polishes shades redone in makeup colors. She revealed that INC.redible would offer the same kind of innovative products as Nails Inc but in makeup form.

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The other good thing that we learned from the post is that the collection will be available globally. No retailers have been confirmed yet, but watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, we’re going to be counting down until the launch and watching Instagram for more updates.