pretty please polish

Know a manicure-obsessed friend with whom you have a ton of inside jokes? Look no further for a holiday gift. Pretty Please, a relatively new nail polish company that launched last year, now offers you the opportunity to name your own varnish. Who hasn’t wanted to be part of the team that comes up with goofy names full of puns and wit? Or just weird inside jokes between your friends and you; for example, I would name a light pink color “Tickle Me Peed” because one of my best friends has a tendency to leak a little when tickled. TMI? Okay, moving on…

According to Fashionista, founder Sara Ricklen got the idea after attempting to find her mother a personalized nail polish a few years ago. After realizing that nobody in the United States offered this type of customized beauty product service, Ricklen, an ex-apparel design student turned financial industry employee, decided to start her own line. (My solution would’ve been to just tape a piece of paper with the person’s name on it to the nail polish bottle. Solved! This is why I am not a successful business owner.)

There are currently just 18 colors to choose from, though all of the collection is quite lovely, which Ricklen says is on purpose: “I don’t want to be super trendy.” This idea seems to be working just fine, by the way, as Pretty Please has already sold 10,000 customized bottles so far.

After picking your color, you can name your polish whatever you like (provided whatever you like is under 24 characters). Plus, they’re not terribly priced; at $10 a bottle or $7 for six of the same label and color, they’re a reasonable gift to give anybody you know who’s obsessed with varnish.

Personally, I do not wear nail polish almost ever, unless it was applied by a manicurist. If I so much as attempt to paint one nail, my hands inevitably start sweating and shaking because I suck at precision and I wind up looking like I just spilled glaze all over myself. Chances are, I won’t be buying personalized polish anytime soon, but I would love to see a lipstick that you could name and customize tube-wise. Actually, I just want customizable makeup in general. I would kinda love to own a mascara that comes in a tube with cute raccoon pictures all over it.

Got ideas for some polish color names? Let us hear ’em in the comments below! I enjoy your creativity, dammit, so show it off.

Photo: Blogspot