Show of hands: Who wants Naomi Campbell‘s look? Exactly. You can’t see them, but the majority of people reading this probably have their hands up. Since Naomi’s modeling career first launched, people have admired her for her fashion as much as her flawless beauty. And now thanks to the supermodel herself, it’s easier than ever to get her look thanks to the launch of her namesake line Naomi Campbell Designs.
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Instead of giving us fashion or beauty, Naomi is giving us both. Although, the initial launch only features the latter. The Naomi Campbell Designs debut collection launched on Starlite, a website that sells stars’ products, hence the “star” in the name. Her debut product? A range of nail polishes.

The polishes are divided into four groups that are inspired by different locations and events. They include: Urban Fun, Trendy Holidays, Exotic Desert and Top Basics. (Okay, so the last one doesn’t fit the location theme, but no good nail polish collection would be complete without it.)

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Each grouping contains three to four polishes and in total there are 14 different shades to choose from. Whether you’re looking for pastels, neutrals or brights, there is something for you.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what else Naomi has up her immaculate sleeves, but it if it’s as good as the nail polishes, we have high hopes.