Supermodel Naomi Campbell is one of the more intense celebrities I can imagine. She seems like that friend you have who gave you your first shot of tequila, got her nose pierced at a party and is friends with guys appropriately titled “Blade.” Her decisions may not always be good ones, but they are her own and she will stick to ’em. And this Naomi Campbell video from behind-the-scenes of her Vogue Italia cover will show you that, except it’s like the aftermath of all the craziness once the pills are starting to wear off and she’s just kind of mumbling to herself about bizarre topics like being faceless and shit.

The magazine will be hit stands tomorrow and will feature Campbell in various wigs with lots of smizing in photographs taken by Steven Meisel. The spread is all in sepia and feels both moody and sexy at the same time (befitting of such a diva, right?). I find it to be eerily calming to see her face on the cover of a magazine, as I think she is one of the most intimidatingly awesome models in fashion history and I love seeing her in just about any photographic medium (which could explain why this video makes me a little more uneasy). But, without further ado, here is your peculiar video as promised.

Good luck with that whole “sleep” thing; try not to imagine her whispering about snakes in your bed.

Photo: Vogue Italia