There are countless eyeshadow palettes, but lipstick palettes are a rarer thing. Single lipsticks are great, but palettes offer multiple shades in a sleek compact and the creativity to mix the shades together to come up with new ones. If you’d like to add more lip palettes to your makeup bag, NARS has dropped three Audacious Lipstick Palettes ($49 each).

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NARS has a few lip palettes in its current collection inducing the 7 Deadly Sins Audacious Lipstick Palette ($52). There’s always room for more which is why we have the new launches. When NARS announced its three latest offerings, it gave Instagram users the option of voting for which palette they wanted to see launch first. No matter what one is your favorite, you can shop all of the versatile palettes now.

Each one comes in a chic black case and features seven coordinating colors of NARS Audacious Lipstick. NARS describes the shades as “high pigment, high fashion lip colors.” The shades can be worn alone, layered or mixed, allowing you to be the makeup artist and come up with something that suits your mood and look.

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Super Wanted is the neutral palette. It features a mix of flattering pink-toned neutrals for a barely there finish. The kit does include a chocolate brown color which will allow wearers to darken any of the colors to suit their vibe.

Wild Thoughts features brighter pink and orchid shades. They have a purple tone but aren’t as dark as eggplant or as bold as royal purple. If you want some deeper, the palette features a rich wine shade.

Finally we come to Forget Me Not. It’s the boldest of the bunch with fiery red-orange, hot pink and burgundy colors. If you’re after a statement lip, this is your palette.

All of the new NARS Audacious Lip Palettes are exclusive to and you can shop them now. Grab one and get blending.