“Universally flattering” is not a phrase that is applied lightly to beauty products. Mostly because so few products are truly flattering on everybody. NARS Orgasm Blush is one of those products and it has the cult following to prove it. People cannot get enough of the original blush, which is why NARS has expanded the Orgasm range over the years to include several products. And the brand is adding more things to the line-up for Summer 2017.

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To recap, besides the original Orgasm blush, we’ve seen an Orgasm Lip Gloss, an Orgasm The Multiple and an Orgasm Iluminator. We’ve also seen a few different versions of the Orgasm Blush. Hello, Super Orgasm.

For the latest launch, NARS is dropping an Orgasm Liquid Blush and an Orgasm Lipstick. The liquid blush in particular is big news considering NARS has never technically done a liquid blush before. The Illuminators come in liquid form, but this is the first proper liquid blush.

As for the Orgasm lipstick, you can guarantee that peachy-pink shade will work as well on everyone’s lips as it does on cheeks. Given that the Orgasm Lip Gloss is already a firm favorite, it won’t be long before the lipstick is as well.
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And that’s not all. NARS recently took to Instagram to reveal that there are two new formulas of the Orgasm Blush dropping for Summer 2017. The brand didn’t let anymore details slip, but it did tag the announcement with a crucial #comingsoon hashtag. Given that summer is technically just over a month away, we’re hoping that the launch is really soon.