As a trial, an impromptu one at that, I had decided to take my new NARS Blush in Super Orgasm for a test run this morning. Ah, the joy of finally getting behind the wheel then the knee-knocking whatev starts. Gah. Expectations are so high!

Sasha NARS Blush Super Orgasm

Shooting from the bottom simply because I had wanted to capture great light on my face. No luck in blind focusing. Sigh. You see a tinge of the Super Orgasm shade and sparkle, though. I had opted for a lighter application, first, cuz it was after all my first try, and, two, I was headed to a solemn ceremony and ultra, super orgasmic blush on my cheeks may turn my face red from embarrassment once I step inside that room. Had to keep it clean and simple.

Sasha NARS Blush Super Orgasm iv

So much for giving it another go. I reckon I was simply too rushed to take a decent photo. Even changing the angle didn’t work but, again, you can see a touch of the NARS Blush. Hep. I just need to interject, don’t think that my lashes is made of awesome? I fell in love with it when I saw the photo! Three guesses on what mascara I used? PLUS no Lash Curlers!

Sasha NARS Blush Super Orgasm iii

Makeup in full side light. Ambient, between 8 and 9-ish in the morning. Love the natural look for daytime. I think it’s fantastic to step out of the house hoping that people won’t notice that I did have makeup on; will think that I’m born with it. LOL.

Regenerating Serum, OLAY Regenerist
Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Cream SPF 15, Elizabeth Arden
Intervene Makeup, Elizabeth Arden
Clear Smooth Face Powder in Natural, Maybelline
Tea Tree Oil Tube Concealer 02, The Body Shop

fafi Eyes Vanilla, MAC
fafi Eyes Hey, MAC
fafi Eyes Pink Venus, MAC
Smokey Eyes Powder Pencil (Smokey Black 01), Elizabeth Arden
Waterproof Mascara in Brown, Artistry
Eye Definer in Taupe, The Body Shop

Shimmerwaves, The Body Shop

Super Orgasm, NARS Blush

Mimosa Blossom Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine, Clinique

Meikah mentioned that she loved the lipstick-and-gloss combo I did on Penny, so, here’s an interesting trivia for you, apart from the fact that I am wearing the exact same gloss on these photos, I’m also planning to write about that combo (on me!) real soon! Stay tuned!

P.S. I can’t help but be amazed at how makeup can make you look fresh even when you have had ZERO sleep. Baffling. LOL.

Photos © 2008 Sasha Manuel

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