Take a good long look at Natalie Portman‘s new Dior ad, UK readers, because you won’t be seeing it in magazines, on billboards or in subways: someone has filed a complaint with UK watchdog group the Advertising Standards Authority, slayer of makeup spots starring Taylor Swift and Julia Roberts, destroyer of oversexed teenagers in Marc Jacobs campaigns and conquerers of extreme thinness in online sales materials.

Although Natalie’s sporting the brand’s beloved Diorshow mascara, she’s also sporting some pretty obvious false eyelashes, in addition to a heaping helping of Photoshop (unless Natalie Portman is a beautiful space alien that comes from a planet without pores, which seems pretty plausible to us). Also, the campaign was shot by Mert & Marcus.

Following the complaint, Dior has apparently agreed to withdraw the ad without a fight–namely a formal investigation requiring Dior to argue that they didn’t Photoshop the hell out of Portman, potentially allowing for the undoctored originals to surface.

As is always the argument with the ASA banning yet another inoffensive but obviously doctored ad, people tend to feel that 1) the ASA should pick its battles and this isn’t near bad enough or 2) bless the ASA because this much Photoshop in a mascara ad (or any ad) is straight-up unethical. Where do you fall?

(via Design Scene, HuffPo)