pumpkin spice

Summer lovers are trying to enjoy the last sunny moments before Labor Day, but the signs of fall are in the air. Namely, pumpkin spice season is gearing up. There have been rumors floating around for the last week about when all the pumpkin spice lattes will launch and we’ve already seen a pumpkin spice bath bomb come out. Now, we can get ready for fall with a pumpkin spice latte deodorant. Really.

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The autumnal deodorant is from Native Deodorant, who are also the geniuses behind the rosé deodorant. Of course the pumpkin spice latte deodorant is inspired by the cult favorite drink. It comes in Native’s sleek white package but with a festive orange font. Open up the cap and you will find a deodorant that smells as good as a frothy PSL thanks to its warming fragrance notes.

In addition to making your pits smell like PSL, the deodorant is paraben-free and aluminum-free. It’s made from non-toxic ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter, castor bean oil and jojoba oil. Crucially, the natural formula lasts all day.

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If you want to keep your pits smelling pumpkin-y fresh, you can pick up a Native Pumpkin Spice Deodorant from the brand’s website for $12. Be aware that the deodorants will ship out September 5, so you’ll hopefully have your deodorant for when the actual latte comes back.

(Photos: Native Deodorant)