(Photo: Jillian Lucas/The Gloss)

When it comes to runway trends, either fashion or beauty, it’s hard to translate them into real life if you’re a regular, non-fashion person.

But Fashion Week is for the adventurous and designers that plan out their styling for each look truly think head to toe to fingertip. Nails may not get the spotlight that hair and makeup do, but they are still an influential point in Fashion Week that trickles down to us plebs.

Going backstage to Marissa Webb this year, not only did I get to see the absolutely gorgeous makeup look, with silver swipes across the upper and lower lash line and the most perfect berry lip I’ve ever seen, I was hit with complete and total #nailinspo.

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Marissa Webb - Runway - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows

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Seriously, what was really inspiring to me wasn’t the perfect lip color or the slicked back hair, it was the simple, chic negative space nail look. Nail Artist Miss Pop, who also did the insanely cool “Dolly Parton”-esque nails for Jeremy Scott‘s runway show and the adorable kiss print nails for Rachel Antonoff, explained how to easily recreate the look:

I start by using the Naked Perfecter in Lavender, and I’m using it as a base coat for the nail because it’s really hydrating for the nail and it’ll fix any ridging or any damage from gels.

The look, entitled “Outside the Box” creates a smooth, negative space box that exposes the nail through the clean edges of the rectangular box that you will create.

I’m using vinyl sticker stencils and I’m laying them down the center of the nail after the base is dry. I’m putting it about a 3rd of the way up the nail and I’m taking the black nail polish, Zoya Willa, and I’m just stroking around the sticker. I’m doing two thin coats of black, letting it dry and then I’m going to peel the sticker.

She then seals the box with a quick swipe going vertically from where she wants the box to end, to the edge of the nail and sets it with a top coat.


(Photo: Jillian Lucas/The Gloss)

I’ve always been a fan of simple, negative space nails because they are the kind of nail art that really doesn’t require the two things that nail art usually does: talent and patience (both of which I definitely do not have). When it comes to using stickers (Miss Pop suggests using the vinyl stickers because they peel off the nail easier than scotch tape, which I’ve used before), they’re a super easy way to create crisp, clean lines.

Negative space nails were all over the runway once again, with more complicated nail art slowly receding back to the depths of beauty trends along with ombre lips and wet-look hair. And I ain’t mad at it.