Samantha Escobar of The Gloss interviews COVERGIRL brand ambassadors NERVO on makeup, hair and their plans for the summer!

Just prior to last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Julia and I had the pleasure of meeting Mim Nervo and Liv Nervo, better known simply as Australian DJ duo NERVO. At first, I was admittedly intimidated by their stunning appearances and ability to glide like swans through a crowd (even in 5″ heels), but the two are absolutely fantastic women who go out of their way to be gracious and welcoming towards those all around them–fans, media and staff alike.

Not only are they one of the biggest acts in electro right now, they’re also brand ambassadors to CoverGirl. So when TheGloss got a chance to interview the pair recently, we jumped right on it and knew we had to ask them questions about all the cool stuff they’re working on, their advice for young women, and (of course) their highly-effective beauty habits.

Summer’s coming! What are your plans?

L: We’re still doing a lot of touring and festivals.

M: We’ll be in the UK, all over Europe, Asia and then some stops in the US & Canada.

L: Mysterylands, Digital Dreams, Escapade Music Fest, Sensation-Italy, Summerburst Festival, Ultra Korea, Spring Awakening, and of course Ibiza (where we live during the summer) & our residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas.

Where’s you absolute favorite place to travel and perform?

L: We’re so lucky to be able to tour and see the world.  We get to visit so many cool, exciting places and meet all kinds of people from different cultures.

M: It’s so hard to pick but I would say Ibiza is a favorite of ours.  There is a special energy on that island.

L: We also really love New York!  Pacha is a great club to play – we’ve played gigs there for years. And we definitely love the festivals in New York.

M: Oh and Hakkasan in Vegas – that’s so much fun!  Great energy.

Samantha Escobar of The Gloss interviews COVERGIRL brand ambassadors NERVO on makeup, hair and their plans for the summer!

When it comes to touring, what’s in your bags on a daily basis?

Liv: Well, we pretty much live out of two suitcases practically all year round –so our clothes have to be very versatile.  We like pieces that can work for day and at night – then we change things up with accessories, makeup, that kind of stuff.

Mim: Yeah, Liv LOVES her hats – so she always has her bowler hat and probably her letter jacket.

M: Product-wise, I would say lately it’s a go-to foundation and concealer.  We LOVE the COVERGIRL truBLEND Liquid Foundation – it’s super light, and you get this seamless, nude look that’s really natural.

L: And the truBLEND Fixstick Concealer is great, too.

How do you keep your skin looking fresh and radiant despite the harsh lights, late nights and frequent travel?

L: Well, beauty-wise, after a shower, we always put on moisturizer with SPF. That’s a must.

M: And I always drink water in the morning to hydrate. I love coconut water.

What are the products you absolutely can’t live without?

L: I would say right now we are obsessed with COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume Mascara. It makes my lashes super dark and intense. 

L: And the liner is MAJOR – we always use a liquid liner and Bombshell Intensity goes on really easily and lasts all day and night.  

M: Also Echinacea vitamins – we swear by them to stop us from getting the flu.

Samantha Escobar of The Gloss interviews COVERGIRL brand ambassadors NERVO on makeup, hair and their plans for the summer!

What’s your best advice to girls looking to chop their hair off in an edgy, fun hairstyle like yours? And what technique/products do you use to prop it up so well?

M: Short hair is so low maintenance!  Liv cuts my hair – ‘cause we’re on the road so much!  She shaves my head and dyes it too – she’s my hairstylist. I swear by Calorie Fat hairspray to keep my mohawk up during gigs. 

L: My hair is really long – and I like bangs.  I’m really loving the messy “bed head” style. I don’t like anything too manicured.

What’s your favorite thing about working together? Is it great to always have such a close bond with the person you work with on a daily basis?

L: We love working together.  We feel like we always have a friend around.

M: And we never get lonely.  

L: We run all around the world together and if we didn’t have each other, I don’t think it would be as much fun.

M: Yes, and it’s nice to be able to bounce ideas off each other. Sometimes we argue in the studio but it’s always only creative arguments and we get over it in a few seconds. 

L: Of course we do things separately but we always come together at the end.

What’s your best advice for young women looking to get into such a tough business as the entertainment industry?

LFor us, success has felt like a whole lot of baby steps.  We always knew we wanted to be involved in music – it’s the only thing that really comes naturally or has felt comfortable. 

M: Yeah, I guess right now we’re so lucky to be able to do what we love – it’s kind of a natural evolution of following your dreams and having the persistence to never give up.  We’re just happy with how things are going right now and lucky to be able to have gone through this amazing journey together.

L: I’d say work hard, have patience and most of all, have fun!

Finally, what do you think is the number one issue facing young women today?

M: I think we live in an era where being a woman doesn’t mean anything different than being a man. Sure, there are less women in EDM but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

L: I would just say don’t be afraid to work hard. A girl needs to work just as hard as the boys. We get a few more perks too. Like we can be COVERGIRLS for example ;) #GirlsCan!