arrested development

Remember how in Arrested Devlopment  Tobias Funke was afraid of being naked? The show – which is having a much anticipated 4th season Netflix starting May 26th – provided us with the term “Never Nude.” And it turns out it’s a real thing!

According to NBC:

It’s not just a made-up quirk played for laughs. There really are people with a crippling fear of nudity, a condition called gymnophobia.

“There are people who are not comfortable being naked in front of other people — and there are other people who are not comfortable looking at themselves naked,” said Martin Antony, professor of psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto, and author of “The Anti-Anxiety Workbook.”

My first reaction was to say I think those people could be “a lot of women during their high school years” because, yes, sometimes you just feel insecure about your body for societal reasons. If you read Cosmopolitan all day and think you are supposed to look like the models in those magazines, sometimes you do not feel comfortable exposing your own naked body to people. However, they go on to explain:

“[It’s] more a general anxiety of their own body image as a comparative basis. We are an increasingly obese nation so the comparison could be stressful, anxiety producing, negative for one’s self-concept and could affect one’s own willingness to expose one’s self in privacy in a relationship,” said Frank Farley, a professor psychology at Temple University.
Also, people with extreme forms of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can sometimes feel uncomfortable about being naked in front of other people, due to the intrusive, compulsive thoughts that accompany the condition.

So, no, it’s not just the notion that you should look airbrushed in real life. Also, is everyone excited for Arrested Development coming out on Netflix? I bet everyone is pretty excited.
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