More than ever, you are able to get cutting edge skin care for a fraction of what you used to be able to get it for.  Case in point, Avon is launching a new antiaging breakthrough to fight fine lines and wrinkles called the ANEW Wrinkle Zone Line Smoothing Duo.

ANEW Wrinkle Zone Line Smoothing Duo

This powerful wrinkle fighter contains a unique treatment and a loose powder using Avon’s 4D Wrinkle Reverse Technology, which targets crow’s feet, furrow lines, forehead creases, marionette lines and other wrinkles to help achieve healthy, younger looking skin.
In clinical and consumer testing, ANEW Wrinkle Zone Line Smoothing Duo proved the following results:

  • The look of lines and wrinkles in the “Wrinkle Zone” are minimized with makeup on.
  • After four weeks, lines appeared visibly smoother and skin looked five years younger…even without makeup.
Sold together in a dual-level package, the ANEW Wrinkle Zone Line Smoothing Duo will be available in light, medium, and deep shades, in September for a mere $12.00. It can be purchased exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an e-Representative, visit
Image:  Avon