As a general rule, I am more of a classic-style type girl rather than a slave to the trends. Think less Lady Gaga, more Kate Middleton (without the perfect hair and royal title, of course). But every once in a while a trend will come along that I will find fascinating. The whole “weird, bold lip color” trend isn’t really one of them. But I’m going to try it out anyway.

I started out with a more typical color – pink. Just done in a bold way. This was definitely more of hot pink, and not something I would typically wear to the office. Or a club. Or the moon. But I digress…Apparently this is what ALL the cool kids are wearing, and dammit, I can be cool too…

If by cool kids you mean preppy girls from the 1980s. This lipstick not only looked like something my mom wore in the 80s, but SMELLED like it too. Not a fan.

Next up, I decided to go a little more bold. As in orange. I have to say, I was a bit more optimistic about this choice, as for some reason orange is a good color on me – something about black hair and skin so translucent it’s illegal to go to the beach for fears of blinding people works with pumpkin colored shiz. And this lipstick did not disappoint…

Again, this is not exactly office wear, but I would totally wear this out to a club or bar on the weekend, or even to the movies. Despite the name (Electric Orange) this shade was surprisingly mellow. Bold? Yes, but not too bold.

Next up, purple! Now, purple is my favorite color. If I didn’t have another person whose taste I had to take into consideration in my home, I would totally plaster every surface of my house in shades of lilac and violet. So why not my lips? If I can run around with bright red lips all the time, why not purple?

My favorite part of this choice was the texture. It was creamy and just the right amount of coverage so I didn’t feel like I was slathering on a ton of it to get the right saturation. While I wouldn’t wear this to my kid’s PTA meeting, I would totally wear this to the grocery store or the bank.

Next I decided to channel my inner alien and slap on some green lipstick. Obviously I wasn’t expecting this to be something my grandma would wear to church on Sunday, but the results were even crazier than I expected…

I look like I just made out with ET. There is only one day of the year when this lipstick would be appropriate – St. Patrick’s Day. And only then because you’ll be too drunk to care how ridiculous you look.

Last, but definitely not least, I tried blue. This lipstick turned out to be the boldest and brightest of the bunch, and I can’t see myself wearing it anywhere outside of the raves I used to go to in my early twenties. That being said, it was an interesting look…

This was probably my favorite lipstick here when it comes to texture and smoothness. It went on surprisingly sheer (which a  lot of these did, actually) and needed a few layers, but it never felt sticky or bulky on my lips. In a less out-there color I could see this being a staple in my makeup routine.

Tips for wearing the bold tip trend:

As I mentioned before, almost all of these go on very sheer (with the exception of the Maybelline Vivids, which are quite a bit thicker) and could potentially be layered with more traditional shades for different looks. To get a truly bold look I suggest wearing a lip primer or concealer underneath, which is what I did here.

Also, unlike red, plum or pink colors, these typically won’t do your teeth any favors, so you might wanna break out the whitening creams or whatever, a few days beforehand. And if you get these shades anywhere else on your face, it WILL show. My husband kept finding weird little bits of green and blue on my cheek, forehead, etc. (I am a messy broad, what can I say?).