Oh how I love something new – and really love something cool and new.  This new line of cosmetics from super hot designers Rock & Republic fits the bill.

Launching on September 15th is a 116 piece collection of cosmetics that care for your skin – and the super cool packaging doesn’t hurt their cause.  What do I want to try, you might ask (or you might not, but I’m gonna tell you anyway…lol)?

Classic Tinted Primer – I am *oh so* picky about primers.  I have only tried two that I like – Smashbox  and Perfect Teint.  That’s it.   But I try them all, always looking for the holy grail (which I really think I have found in Perfect Teint).  Can’t wait to try R&R’s.  It has an SPF of 20, and has a hint of tint to it, to start evening out your skin tone from the bottom up – which is rock-republic-extremist-mascaraawesome.  I suspect you can wear this alone and look incredible.  It’s a silicone based primer, which I used to hate, until I figured out how well they work – so I have incredibly high hopes for this one.  Classic Tinted Primer comes in 4 shades and is $46.  Expensive, but so worth it if it works!

Extremist Mascara – Again, I am a mascara junkie.  I have about 4 that I truly love for all time, but am always on the lookout.  This one sounds great – “the luxuriously volumizing formula is like a push-up bra for your lashes, as your fringe assets are taken to dizzying new heights and towering lengths.”  Wow.  Plus the packaging looks extra cool.  I’m interested.

rock-republic-accentuate-bronzer-highlighter And I MUST get the Accentuate bronzer/highlighter.  That sucker is a whopping $225 – but look at it.  I’m assuming there are Swarovski crystals in the R&R logo.  And the colors are lovely too.  Must. Have.

The Rock & Republic cosmetic line will be available, again, September 15, at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomie’s and of course, at RockandRepublicCosmetics.com.  Fun fun fun.  When you get to try it, let me know what else needs to be on my must try list!