Looking for some new hair products that wont break your bank account? beautyreport1
John Frieda has just introduced his newest line called Root Awakening. Every product in the line is formulated to purify, stimulate, and nourish the roots and scalp. One of the key ingredients is Natural Eucalyptus and essential oil which gives a tingling sensation when you use, but no worries just a sign the product is working.


There are three different shampoos and conditioners to choose from. The Health Infusing for normal hair, Nourishing Moisture for dry hair, and Strength Restoring for hair that is prone to breakage. Also included in the line is a Health Boosting Detangling Spray for all hair types.

John Frieda has some amazing products for hair. His serums for getting rid of the frizzie’s, his straightening products which I just love, love, love, and the shampoos for color treated hair. These newest will probably be in my cosmetic closet before the weekend is over:-)


image credit: John Frieda