A week into the New Year, and we’re probably all already breaking our resolutions.

Friends, there’s no reason at all not to just start making brand new ones!

As I’ve written before, I’m a big fan of Youtube mega star beauty blogger Lauren Luke, and she had some great tips I’m adapting to my own life!

Lauren Luke on Youtube

Lauren Luke on Youtube

1. Throw out your old mascara and start the new year with fresh coated lashes. Mascara goes stale and loses its intensity after a few weeks so make sure you keep it fresh.

2. Try varying your eye shadow shade every day for a week and see how many compliments you get and how good you feel with something different. Plus, you’ll find a few new shades you might not have dared to wear before.

3. January to February gives us weather that’s super cold and drying. Try to pamper your skin twice a week by placing your face over a bowl with hot water and a towel over your head to keep the steam in. Place some oranges or mint in the water for added flavor. This not only feels absolutely glorious but does wonders to clean those blocked pores and sinuses.

4. Keep a few lip balms in the pockets of your favorite winter coats and purses so that you are never left without one. In January lips need all the protection they can get, so pucker up with an ultra-soothing lip balm, they can be cheap and cheerful or budget busting, It doesn’t matter which but what does is that you can glide your lipstick on smoothly & confidently with a quick layer of balm underneath to seal in the moisture.

5. Take around 30 minutes each week to get to know your own face. Forget what other people tell you about your face, and don’t forget our faces change slightly as we age. Learn your contour lines, cheek bones and eye frame. This will help when you are stuck for ideas of where to place that eye shadow you always wanted to wear, and help you make better decisions when you are buying makeup.

6. It’s a new year and a new you, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Set aside some time to experiment in front of the mirror with a whole new make-up look that you just wouldn’t usually wear. When you have time spare that’s the time to try a new look out. Don’t rush this, savor it and have fun!

What are your beauty resolutions? Please share and I may post them in a future column!