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Hi there, angel friend! I hope you had a glorious New Year’s Eve last night full of champagne and dreams. You probably have some sort of New Year’s Day brunch planned with your friends to rehash last night’s adventures, right? Well, unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, you’re hungover, and looking cute isn’t exactly a priority or a possibility at the moment. But never fear! I’m here to tell you that you (yes, you!) can look presentable, even with a soul-crushing NYE hangover. Because that’s how you want to start 2016: pretty and in pain.

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These 5 quick and easy makeup looks are perfect for your hungover January 1st brunch:

1. Bronzed all over

[youtube_iframe id="0eIw500mcVk"]

Please enjoy one of the only good tutorials I was able to find that is specifically for hungover mornings. This addresses all of the typical problems you associate with the morning after a big night out (redness, lack of sleep, breakouts from junk food and alcohol, etc.), and, more importantly, it addresses them  well.

2. Hydrated and refreshed skin

[youtube_iframe id="vPt91CZzSM8"]

I like this one because of the added focus on skincare. So many beauty tutorials just stick to the makeup, but your skin is going to be looking fierce (and not in the good way) after a night of drinking, so it’s important that you not neglect it.

3. This easy, full-face look

[youtube_iframe id="NjbxulXyMP8"]

Okay, so I’m hoping you’re not looking at back-to-school makeup tutorials with a hangover, because that would mean that you were drinking underage, and that is NO-NO, my friends. But quick and easy looks that are meant to be done when you oversleep and have 10 minutes to get ready for school are perfect for hungover mornings. It’s all of the beauty with none of the extra time and commitment.

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4. Bold lips

[youtube_iframe id="QalDK41iJUU"]

I love liquid eyeliner as much as the next girl, but when I’m hungover, it’s a miracle if I actually bother to take off my makeup from the night before when I finally roll out of bed. Assuming you did take your makeup off, you’re better off just going with simple eyes (i.e. just one or two coats of mascara) and a bold lip because, as we all know, lipstick makes anyone look more put together.

5. “No Makeup” Makeup

[youtube_iframe id="40rEbOqfQi4"]

And, of course, the “no makeup” makeup look is the ultimate in hangover beauty. You might want to arm yourself with some coffee/water/a huge, greasy bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich to get this one done since it does require a little bit more effort, but it’s worth it in the end.

(Featured Photo: Instagram/Brittany Sarah)