Attention lady journalists, creative nail decorators, and people who just really like reading the newspaper: did you know that it’s possible to transfer your favorite news story to your nails? It makes sense, considering the fact that newsprint rubs off on your fingers without any help at all. According to Haute Macabre, all you need for a well-read manicure is some newspaper, rubbing alcohol, and a love of the printed word:

“1) Paint your nails any color and let them dry completely.

2) Cut out a section of the newspaper & place it over your nail.

3) Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and dab it over the newspaper.”

I would also seal it in with a clear topcoat at the end, so as to avoid any potentially embarrassing smudging (especially incriminating when one has a tendency to steal cookies, but maybe that’s my concern alone). It would also make sense to cut out ten little pieces of newspaper that are the right size and shape to wrap around your nails, but you probably knew that already. For added fun, try to find some with naughty words on them!

I think I’m going to try this out right now, swapping out the rubbing alcohol for the vodka I’m currently drinking to dull my sadness over the death of print media. Don’t worry, print media. Your circulation may be down and layoffs may be imminent, but you shall live on forever in the manicures of those who once loved you.