So, goodness, we’ve explored a lot a lot of different kinds of hunger this week. We’ve talked about being hungry for a year and hating our bodies. We’ve talked about drinking to stop eating. We’ve talked about struggling with bulimia and rejecting the obesity label. We’ve covered, or rather, you’ve covered, a ton of topics.

God, I’m depressed.

So let’s spend next week talking about what we like about our bodies.

 I think Jamie is completely right that thin is the go-to compliment for women and there are a lot of other physical aspects about ourselves  we can appreciate. I know it might seem a little kumbaya and not as smart-ass as we generally try to be, but it would be great if you would share what you love about yourself with us (as always, in 600-800 words).  None of that “I’m beautiful on the inside” stuff, though. No. Only the shallow stuff. Tell us about how you love your breasts (even if you paid for them. Especially if you paid for them!) Your delightfully curvy belly. Your nose. If you’ve got a physical feature you like, we’re giving you free rein to brag about it. So reach out to us at Jennifer [at] or Ashley [at]

Because we think you look pretty today.