A lot of people grew cross with Nicola Formichetti yesterday when a W interview came out in which he said he refuses to style fat people. He used the racially loaded (and somewhat head scratch inducing) adjective “ghetto” to describe them, and puzzlingly referred to a shoot with “Ali G’s brother,” who looks like this (below), as a shoot in which there was an unacceptable amount of fatness at play:

Now, Formichetti is struggling to do damage control, posting multiple messages on his Facebook fan page about how W made the whole quote up. “i know i should just leave it but…i really hate when writers just write whatever they want… ‘i don’t work with fat people…’ why would someone say such a thing?!” he wrote. I don’t know, dude, why don’t you tell us? He also pointed to a few shoots he’d styled with plus size models, and said “dont read everything you read on line” (I think he meant to say “believe”).

Ignoring for a second the fact that plus size models are hardly obese (most of them are actually a healthy weight for their heights), this all rings a bit hollow. Examining Formichetti’s personal page, on which all his past profile pics are visible, there are several photos depicting overweight women in unflattering positions, such as this one:

Under said photos, his friends have left some rather cruel comments. (I’ll spare you the nastiness and the terrible grammar, but they’re still there if you want to see for yourself.) He doesn’t seem to have a problem with said comments, as he left them up without remarking on them.

All this leads me to believe that the spokesperson from W was telling the truth when he/she told Jezebel that “W firmly stands behind its reporting of its interview with Nicola Formichetti.” I’m not saying that high profile magazines haven’t pulled some shady shit in the past, but to fabricate an entire quote is a fire-able offense. Why would someone risk getting fired just to embarrass Nicola Formichetti? Do they really need to pull out the audio recording and humiliate him further?

I think it’s time for Formichetti to either admit the quote is real and apologize, or admit the quote is real and own up to his fat-phobia like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld have done. Sadly, I don’t think it would hurt his career much to do the latter…despite his positioning of himself as an “edgy truth teller,” it’s actually a pretty common view for those in the fashion industry to hold. Will W post the audio recording to preserve their good name? Or will author David Colman admit to making up quotes and get fired? And what does Lady Gaga think of all this? We will continue reporting on FormichettiFatHateGate as the story develops.