Oh, and she drinks her own urine. No, no, don’t worry, she does it for a really good reason. She does it to continue looking young. Also, because on her planet, that’s just how they roll. On this planet, there apparently isn’t that much upside to eating placenta – according to Obstertrician Maggie Blott, “Animals eat their placenta to get nutrition – but when people are already well-nourished, there is no benefit. There is no reason to do it.” No reason except for the deliciousness!

Drinking urine as urine therapy is somewhat more common however, there are numerous possibilities for infection including, theoretically, Hepatitis B, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. But that’s if it’s someone elses urine. If it’s your own urine, go crazy, I guess.

The most awkward thing about this is now we’re going to have to do a post on how to eat human placenta and not look like Nicole Kidman.