nicole richie paper magazine cover

We kind of flipped out when Nicole Richie debuted her pastel purple hair on Instagram, and we’re super pumped to see that her vibrant new color has stuck around for a few months. Nicole looks unbelievable inside the May 2014 issue of Paper Magazine, and even though it only shows her from the eyes up, she somehow looks even more amazing on the cover.

This cover shot is the best photo we’ve seen of her hair so far, and I’m surprised by how not cheap it looks in high definition. The different shades of purple and blue work perfectly together– good enough to rival the famous dye-job of Nicole’s hair inspiration, Kelly Osbourne. And can we talk about her eye makeup for a second? I love that they decided to forgo eyeshadow, and I feel like it was a great decision not to line her lower lashes. The purple eyeliner not only focusses attention on her hair, but it makes her look bright, springy, fresh, and alive. It also looks like she’s wearing purple mascara, or maybe just tinted false lashes? Either way, it totally works.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite look from this photoshoot (you can see all of her gorgeous photos on Paper‘s website), but it’s really hard to stop staring at her intricate braids and floral maxidress. Nicole is known for being petite, but she somehow doesn’t look like she’s swimming in oversized dresses. I wonder if that’s a superpower she inherited when she took on an anime character’s hair. Oh, and whoever styled her in a short Valentino dress layered over a flowy Alberta Ferretti skirt? They deserve a medal. Everyone who worked on this shoot deserves some kind of award.