The usually brunette Nina Dobrev has debuted a drastic hair change up–she’s gone blonde with a beautiful ombré dye job. Her hair is somewhat impossibly shiny and gorgeous, and proves that the ombré thing is far from over, even if brightly colored heads are dominating the celebrity dye job scene.

Teen Vogue spoke to Dobrev about the new look, and she explained that this wasn’t just a personal aesthetic choice:

“I actually did it for a role. I’m filming a project called Final Girls, and it’s the first time that I’m playing this sassy best friend.”

In fact, she says she would not have gone quite as experimental with her hair had it not been required for the role (I can see it now. Seeking: sassy best friend with ombré hair. It’s ombré or it’s nothing.) As she put it, “this is more of an extreme change than I would have done normally. I got to play with it for fun, but I probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise.”


It’s a bit surprising to me that ombré is an extreme change for Dobrev, especially after having been desensitized to hair color change by the aforementioned series of celebrities with newly dyed bright heads of hair. On the other hand–I also see where she’s coming from. Most her of her hair is blonde now, and dyeing your hair can be a big choice regardless of how subtle the change is. I’ll give her a head nod for taking a risk and doing something out of her comfort zone. On the upside, she looks absolutely stunning (what else is new?), so scary risk or not, I’d say it was worth it.

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images