Finding a flattering lip color is a challenge. It usually involves multiple trips to the store, countless swatches and some poor buying decisions. There are a number of hacks that make it easier for us to separate the not-quite-right lipsticks from the flattering ones, but one simple beauty tip has recently gone viral thanks to its unconventional hack. Apparently, if we want a flattering nude lip color, all we have to do is look at the shade of our nipples and try and match our neutral lipsticks to that.

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You might have heard the tip about matching your lip color to the inside of your bottom lip, but nipples? That is a new one. The advice was shared on a recent episode of The Doctors, and needless to say that it has gained a lot of attention from makeup lovers and everyone else who is surprised by the unconventional tip.

In the episode, physician Travis Lane Stork, MD, said, “We have a great way to pick your best shade for your face. What you want to do is match your nipple color. Nature knows best.”We’ll say.

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You can test it out to see whether it’s true or not, but just be aware that popping out a nipple in the store to see if it matches with your lipstick probably isn’t the best way to go about it.