To help market its line of “stress protect” deodorant, German toiletries company Nivea decided to put some innocent people in some stressful situations and film the results. And what’s more stressful than thinking you are being hunted down like an animal by the polizei for a crime that you didn’t commit? You will need all the deodorant when that happens.

For this hidden camera prank, Nivea’s mischievous sprites took paparazzi style photos of people in airports, then printed out fake newspapers for people to read near them that said they were on the run from the law. They also made fake announcements about them over the intercom, and even ran fake news segments on the airport TVs in which they said the prankees were “wanted by the law” and considered “dangerous and unpredictable.”

Interestingly enough, none of the incredibly docile Germans who got pranked flipped out or ran away, but they did grow visibly perturbed. When their tormentors decided they had had enough, they came and presented them with some Stress Protect deodorant for their underarms, because if there is one thing I’m concerned about while on the run from a mad German government, it’s pit stains.

While I love pranks as much as the next creep, I can only wonder if they properly vetted these people for heart conditions, etc. like they said they did. I also wonder what would have happened if they’d tried this in America, where airport security is terrifying enough as it is. I can only imagine someone would have tried to run, and a guard who was not in on the joke would have shot them, and whoops, now negative branding has occurred. Thank goodness the Germans rode it out with class.

(Via Gawker)