Rebecca Minkoff Nivea

With a general paranoia about sun damage and a family history of skin cancer on both sides, I generally tend to be diligent about wearing sunscreen. But the one place where I slack off on the SPF is lip balm.

My dermatologist is always like, “Wear lip balm with SPF!” And I always mean to, but I lose everything that goes into my purse, including lip balm. So I basically never wear lip balm.

But then I came across Nivea’s fancy customizable lip balm covers—think Spoonflower for your lip balm—and I find myself wondering if I would actually remember to wear the stuff if it came in a fancy, fashion-y package that I’d be less likely to misplace carelessly. While I’m a bit skeptical that anything could reduce my tendency to lose everything I put in my purse, I am still a sucker for anything I can pretend to be customizing or designing myself. My entire apartment is Ikea hacks.

Basically, the site offers pre-made, customizable designs with options for patterns, symbols, colors, and text with which to design a custom lip balm cover. There are already some cool superhero ones, trendy chevrons, and an octopus with an orange for a head. Once you’ve designed your own or found an existing design to order and picked which kind of lip balm you want inside it, 1-4 caps are $6 per cap, 5-20 caps are $5 apiece, and more than 20 caps sell at $4 apiece. They’re being advertised as custom wedding favors and things like that.

In addition to the custom lip balm options, Rebecca Minkoff designed a limited edition cap based on a bandana print from her spring 2013 collection. It’s a tasteful, “beachy glam” pattern available in three colors that will only be available for a limited time, but I’m still partial to the octopus with an orange for a head.

Via Refinery29/Photo: