A restaurant called Steam has recently popped up that promises that none of its meals will cause diners to gain weight. The meals promise to be calorie neutral. So… diners will only be dining on celery sticks flavored with their own tears? Not really. The menu sounds great, and encompasses dishes like:

Scallop and chorizo brouchette with cucumber and ginger dressing

Beef fillet with beansprout salad

Quail egg cocotte with mushroom and leek fondue

Prawn stuffed lemon sole with herb butter sauce

Tasty banana cake with confit pineapple and crème chantilly

All of which sound great – and low calorie – but that is not the same as no calorie. However, the restaurant actively aids diners in burning off the dish. According to The Daily Mail :

From taking part in stretching classes to aid digestion, to completing dining workouts whilst sitting on vibrating seat pads in order to increase calorie burn.

Dominic Worsley, Marketing Director at Miele said: ‘We are very excited about the launch of Steam.

‘This is something that has never been done before, so we can’t wait to hear what people think. If the restaurant proves a success, we’d love to roll them out across the country.’

That sounds pretty fun, actually. At the moment the restaurant is only open in the UK, but if they catch on there, perhaps they’ll make their way over here. Though admittedly, I might just want to try the banana cake and not stretch.