North Carolina’s Odessa Clay, 30, was arrested late last month for giving her daughter a “small, heart-shaped tattoo near her right shoulder.” She’s been charged, naturally, with tattooing a person under 18.

North Carolina law prohibits tattooing small children, but Clay claims she didn’t know that and thought it was legal with parental consent.

Take a moment and consider how this story could become more astounding. Next, get ready, because Clay’s explanation is absolutely it:

“She asked me to do it.”

Her 11-year-old daughter asked for the tattoo, so–we guess–Clay had no choice. Thank god she didn’t ask for a machete and a Super Soaker full of scotch.

Clay used her own tools and claimed to have properly numbed her daughter’s arm. She added, “I didn’t fill it in,” meaning it was only the outline of a heart, not a solid block of ink. Which is very glass half full of her.

As for how Clay was caught, she believes an “ex in-law reported the tattoo to retaliate against a report Clay filed against her daughter’s paternal grandfather.”

Looks like Tan Mom has some company. Which, we guess, means Clay can look forward to her own two-page spread in some issue of InTouch next year, in which she talks all about getting her tattoos removed and converting to Kabbalah. Who doesn’t love a human interest story?

(WCTI12 via Jezebel)